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Victoria Art FAQ

  • Which class do I need to take?
    First, select a class according to age, experience, and level, and register by referring to the schedule. Your teacher will notify you if you need to move to another level after the first lesson. If not, you can simply keep coming to the class of your choice. ​ GO TO schedule&classes
  • Can I take drop-in class before registration?
    Yes, you can take one drop-in class. You may pay and book a class in this website, or you can contact to book and pay at the studio. You may decide to enroll after the drop-in class.
  • How to register / enroll classes?
    You can register directly through the site. If you have any questions, please contact For new students, there is one-off registration fee ($80 as of Mar. 2022). You can either pay at the studio or we can send you an invoice. Depending on your class If you're being enrolled in regular classesㅡyou can make annual payment or pay monthly installments
  • How to cancel plans? What is the refund policy?
    Basically, every purchase is non-refundable. If you're enrolled in monthly plan and want to stop, please let us know via before 25th to stop the further recurring payment. If you're enrolled in 10-lesson packages and want to stop, please let us know before the last lesson of the package is taught.
  • How to schedule a make-up class?
    If you're going to be absent for the class, please let us know at least two days before the class. Then, we will try our best to find a make-up class for you. Absent notice on the same day or just no-show will not be followed up by a make-up class. Please understand that make-up class arrangement is not always possible, because it requires that teacher's schedule, your schedule, and class capacity should be all aligned. However, we will try our best to arrange it.
  • Injuries
    Students and their parents/legal guardians agree not to hold Victoria ART Studio responsible for any injuries resulted from activities before, during, or after class.
  • Photo and Video Release
    Students and their parents/legal guardians are giving the Victoria ART Studio permission to take photographs or videos of the students and their artwork for use in advertising materials.
  • I bought a package. Where do I register for the remaining sessions? - Private classes only
    Click the arrow in the upper right corner to see the "My Package" menu. If you go there, you can check how many sessions are left. After checking the remaining sessions, click the "Go to register for class" button, then enter the class you are taking and book.
  • Missed classes
    Should your child(ren) need to miss a class, please call, text or email the studio 48 hours prior to the start of the scheduled class. We will be happy to schedule a make-up class (preferably during the same week) on Saturday 10 AM. Please note: Any class that is missed without notice is considered a “no show” & is not tracked; it cannot be made up and no refund or credit will be given for that missed class.
  • Session Booking Rules
    All classes must be registered/changed 24 hours before class starts.
  • What is Monthly Plan?
    Victoria Art Studio's Monthly Plan is an annual program paid in several installments, one monthly installment. We run an annual program from August to May. Summer camps are held in June and July. So, a class once a week for 10 months can usually receive 37 to 40 lesson hours.
  • Why do 5 or 9 sessions appear in Monthly Plan?
    The reason you see 5 sessions when paying monthly is because some months are 5 weeks and some months are 4 weeks, so you can use up to 5 sessions. As you can see from this calendar, it is a plan that allows you to take 4 classes per month overall.
  • Is there a sibling discount?
    1. If registering for ballet and art classes at the same time: You must pay the first one-time registration fee of $80 separately. 2. Sibling: The first registration fee of $80 must be paid separately, and a 5% discount is given from the second child onwards. 3. In the case of siblings taking ballet and art classes at the same time: The first one-time registration fee of $80 is paid only once, and a 5% discount is given from the second child onwards.
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