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Welcome to Victoria Art Studio!

At Victoria Art Studio, we offer classes designed to engage children's creativity, enhance their imagination, and explore their artistic abilities - with an overall focus on having fun and collaborating with peers.
We understand children, and our classes meet them where they are. We provide different activities and materials to keep them engaged and interested, and allow more time to explore in depth when desired.
Our classes introduce a wide range of artistic techniques and materials aimed at stretching participants' skills and imagination, such as combining music and dance with the art, with the association with the Victoria Ballet. We believe in the importance of emphasizing the process of creating art, and we let the results speak for themselves.

Our Teachers


Chelsey Eom

Chelsey Eom is a celebrated artist with a wide range of experience.​

Ms.Chelsey graduated from the Hongik University (top art university in South Korea) with a major in Design and Media.
She moved to San Francisco to attend Academy of Art University, where she received two Masters degrees in New Media and Motion Picture & TV. Ms.Chelsey directed multiple art films, two of which have been invited and featured in a number of international film festivals, including the Cinequest Film Festival in San Jose, and also aired in major TV broadcasts in South Korea.
Ms.Chelsey is also an established painter, and until recently managed her own art studio teaching young students.
Her extensive experience brings a unique opportunity to combine design, media, and fine arts for young minds.


Eugene Nam

Eugene is an open-minded, creative, and cheerful artist.

Eugene graduated Academy of Art University majoring in animation. Like other kids, Eugene was passionate about animation when she was young. But she didn’t stop just watching and enjoying them - she moved to San Francisco to actually study how to make them!
Eugene also has experience in teaching kids of various age groups. Raised in a household where both of her parents were teachers, she was always invested in education and making the world better for children.
Besides art and teaching, Eugene spends her free time listening to music, exploring the food cultures of other countries, and watching movies. She gets her inspiration from music a lot.


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