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Art Classes for All Levels!

At Victoria Art Studio, we offer classes designed to engage children's creativity, enhance their imagination, and explore their artistic abilities - with an overall focus on having fun and collaborating with peers.
We understand children, and our classes meet them where they are. We provide different activities and materials to keep them engaged and inter
ested, and allow more time to explore in depth when desired.
Our classes introduce a wide range of artistic techniques and materials aimed at stretching participants' skills and imagination, such as combining music and dance with the art, with the association with the Victoria Ballet. We believe in the importance of emphasizing the process of creating art, and we let the results speak for themselves.


We Have Trial Classes!

If it's your first time and you're not sure what class to take, 

get a taste of creativity by booking a trial class for the time and day you want.

Ages 5-7 | 60 minutes
Curiosity & Creativity
Picasso class is designed for 5 to 7-year-old students focusing on developing fine motor skills and growing confidence!
Students are exposed to classical and modern arts and experiment with various mediums to encourage exploration and foster healthy curiosity.

- Exposure to famous artists and Modern artists and masterpieces
- Explore drawing, painting(acrylic and watercolor), mixed media, and modern art

Ages 8-10 | 60 minutes
Observation & Foundation
Monet class is designed for 8 to10-year-old students focusing on building fundamental skills in visual art, be exposed to variety of artistic styles, and be introduced to professional art vocabulary. Students will further practice expressing and observing materials and ideas, and cultivate a sense of teamwork and responsibility as an artist.

- Medium: Paint, Pastel, Pencil Drawing, Mixed Media, Printmaking, Installation Art
- Opportunity to participate in local and national art competitions (2 times a week)

Ages 10-13 | 90 minutes
Fundamental & Composition
Rembrandt class is designed for 10 to 12-year-old students who are eager to learn the basic foundation of art and to grow their artistic skills. In this class, students will start by learning fundamental concepts such as light, shadow, colors, composition, and more. Students will also improve their technical drawing skills using various mediums, mainly focusing on painting.

- Opportunity to participate in local and national art competitions (2 times a week)
Ages 7+  | 90 minutes
Fundamental & Composition
Our intensive art class for kids offers an immersive and engaging experience for young artists. Our experienced instructors guide students through various mediums and techniques to develop technical skills. Each day is filled with hands-on activities, including drawing, painting, and mixed media.

The curriculum focuses mostly on painting and fundamental skill-growing projects, tailored to each student.

- Opportunity to participate in local and national art competitions
*This class requires contact beforehand regarding schedule and curriculum before registering.
*Material fee not included.
Intro to Digital Art
Ages 8 - 15 | 90 minutes
Characters, Illustration & Layout
The Intro to Digital Art class is designed for children over 8. In this class, they will learn basic skills for digital art, and use various tools to create artwork on their iPad. Students can discover their own styles while exploring multiple digital mediums, and further develop the technique into solid artwork.

*This class requires iPad, Apple Pencil, and Procreate (app).

Intro to Digital Art
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